Edina Pediatric Dentistry

Convenient Care for Younger Patients

Life is hectic—don’t we know it? That’s why we have gone out of our way to design an ultra-soothing and relaxing environment for our Minneapolis area patients. Because these patients enjoy and rely on our dental care so much, when they have families, they often request that we see their children as well.

We provide expecting parents with information about their child’s dental health during pregnancy and information to support a healthy dental life for their new-born.

Dr. Brandenburg’s gentle and compassionate approach works well for adults, and children respond positively to her, too. Many times, kids don’t even need anesthetics for things like cavity fillings and cleanings! Parents appreciate that their children can benefit just as much as they do from the advanced, preventive, and health-focused dentistry we offer.

Start Early for a Lifetime of Smiles

Whether you bring your children to see Dr. Brandenburg or to take them to a pediatric dentist, we always recommend that professional dental care begin early, usually around two to three years of age – if not earlier.  This allows us to monitor how teeth and other oral structures are developing, check for plaque and tartar buildup, and even take a look at your child’s frenulum (a tough little fold of tissue under the tongue that can affect both speech and tooth spacing when it is too tight). The American Dental Association offers lots of great tips for how to prepare your child for this important first visit, like talking about the visit, bringing them along to your visits, practicing opening their mouths or reading books about a visit with the dentist, to ease nervousness and help them actually look forward to the experience. https://www.mouthhealthy.org/life-stages/babies-and-kids/first-dental-visit-for-baby

But even before those all-important professional visits, you can begin taking care of little teeth and gums at home. Never allow your young one to carry a bottle or sippy cup containing anything but pure water between meals. Clean gums with a soft cloth even before teeth erupt. Assist your child with brushing until they can tie their own shoes. Provide a tooth-friendly diet.

Health Through the Years

Professional dental care continues to be crucial as your kids move through their teen years and beyond, and when you have established a good routine of regular cleanings and checkups, taking your teenager to see us will be a lot less like, well, pulling teeth and more like a walk in the park. Many parents find that once their children enter college, they would rather wait until school holidays to come back to see us than find a new dentist in their college town. We love that!

Gentle care, outstanding convenience, and a lifetime of family smiles—that’s what Heidi Brandenburg DDS is all about.

Wishing for the convenience and security of bringing your child to your own dentist? Talk to us about pediatric care from Heidi Brandenburg DDS