Edina Restorative Dentistry

Recovering Strength, Renewing Beauty

It is devastating when something happens to our teeth. It doesn’t matter if the deterioration of our oral health has been a long, slow process over decades or a sudden, shocking accident; losing a smile can also mean losing our health and our confidence. Whether you are suffering from teeth worn down by age, stress, or lifestyle, teeth lost to disease or trauma, or even teeth that have minor cavities; we understand how difficult it can feel. Fortunately, Dr. Heidi Brandenburg’s talent is bringing damaged, deteriorating, or unhealthy smiles back to the luminous symmetry and function nature intended.

What Restorative Dentistry Can do for You

No matter how damaged your smile is or how long it has been since you visited the dentist, Dr. Brandenburg and her team will never judge, question, or reprimand you. That’s not our style! Instead, we will treat you with compassion, get to the core of your problems, and build your smile on a solid foundation for lasting strength and beauty. Our restorative options also focus on helping you find confidence as well as health, and with Dr. Brandenburg’s cosmetic training and skill, that’s a promise you can count on!

  • Fillings
  • Porcelain Inlays & Onlays
  • Crowns & Bridges
  • Implants
  • Dentures & Partials

Some cavities are noticeable – you are peering into your mouth in the magnifying mirror as you floss, and there it is, a dark spot that won’t brush, pick, or wipe off. Time to call the dentist! Others are so tiny, that they are only visible on an intra-oral camera exam or on an x-ray. Either way, the earlier we treat cavities, the better. Early treatment of cavities in both children and adults allows us to use more attractive and healthy restorative dentistry options like tooth-colored dental fillings. These fillings are made with the same dental composite that we use for cosmetic bonding, so they blend perfectly into your own teeth. We remove the decay, clean and disinfect your tooth, custom-shade the composite material to match the rest of your teeth, precisely apply, and polish. You leave with a healthy, cavity-free tooth and a gorgeous smile! What could be nicer?

Is your tooth a little too damaged or decayed for a filling but not quite broken enough for a full porcelain crown? Don’t worry! Dr. Brandenburg can custom create more minimal restorations called inlays and onlays of pure dental porcelain. The choice for modern smiles, porcelain inlays and onlays replace bulky, dark, and unhealthy metal fillings for a stronger, more stable, natural-feeling, and -looking tooth surface. These restorations look so much like natural dental enamel that you may even forget which teeth are restored and which are entirely natural!

Porcelain inlays are more like a traditional filling in that they sit between the points or “cusps” of your teeth, while onlays are a bit like a cap, covering one or more of those tooth points. Because they are smaller than crowns, they are more conservative, requiring less preparation of your own enamel while still adding incredible strength and enduring elegance to your smile.

Whether you have a severely damaged tooth or teeth or are missing a few teeth in a row, cosmetic dental crowns and bridges from Edina’s own Dr. Heidi Brandenburg can help you get back to eating, speaking, and laughing with confidence.

Our dental crowns are an incredible choice for even the most broken tooth, rebuilding it completely and creating an entirely new surface. They are also used after a root canal and as the prosthetic tooth to top dental implants. And because we care about keeping even advanced dentistry convenient for our Minneapolis-area patients, Dr. Brandenburg offers same-day CEREC® crowns – and has been doing so for over 15 years!

Our gorgeous crowns can also act as an anchor for dental bridges: We bond the crowns to the teeth on either side of your missing tooth or teeth to hold custom-made prosthetic teeth in place, and almost instantly, your smile looks – and feels– as good as new.

It is easy to take our teeth for granted – until we don’t have them. Missing teeth can absolutely take all of the joy out of life: suddenly eating feels like a chore, speaking sounds and feels strange, and smiling seems completely out of reach. What’s more, missing teeth can have a major impact on your health, leading to gum disease, jaw issues, nutritional deficiencies, and depression. Here’s the good news: Not only is preventive and restorative dentistry from Dr. Heidi Brandenburg helping our Minneapolis friends and neighbors keep their own teeth longer, our dental implant tooth replacements are easing the pain and disappointment of edentulousness with superior tooth replacement options that look, feel, and function almost exactly like natural teeth.

Dr. Brandenburg has been part of an implant-based study club for over 25 years!

Dental implants work so well because instead of replacing teeth with a prosthetic that sits on top of the gums, blocking your palate and requiring sticky adhesives to stay in place, they are attached to a surgically implanted titanium post upon which we will place your tooth replacement. These posts not only hold your beautiful new teeth firmly and securely in place, but they also replace your tooth roots, which means that your jawbone stays stimulated, reducing the aging and unhealthy bone loss that so often accompanies denture wear.

For the procedure, we will work with one of our trusted surgical specialists to place your posts while we create your dental prosthetic. Depending on your needs, we offer everything from single-tooth implants to implant-retained dentures and All-on-4 dentures to bring you and your smile back to life!

If you don’t qualify for dental implants because of bone loss or other health conditions, don’t fret. Dr. Brandenburg’s advanced cosmetic training and aesthetic approach to all dentistry ensures that even more traditional tooth replacement options such as full or partial dentures will be custom-created to better fit your face for a youthful appearance and better fit.

Dentures and partials from Dr. Heidi Brandenburg are individually designed to do more than fill in the gaps where teeth are missing. We pay attention to every detail to make sure the dentures fit properly and feel comfortable. And, of course, we will work with you so that your dentures are cosmetically pleasing to you with the correct tooth shape, shading, and translucency so they mimic the correct shading and translucency. So while dentures aren’t as ideal as dental implants, you don’t have to suffer from substandard prosthetics. Talk to Dr. Brandenburg about how her cosmetically designed partial or full dentures can help you feel better today!

Why a Healthy Smile is so Important

Your mouth and your body are inextricably connected. That means that when something goes wrong in your mouth, you will very likely feel the effects in your body. This is why we emphasize avoiding gum infections with regular cleanings and periodontal treatments when needed. But it is also why, when teeth are decayed, broken, or missing, we advise our patients to invest in their health with advanced restorative dentistry.

Clearly, repairing and restoring teeth that are decayed, broken, missing, or worn down is important not only for attractiveness and self-esteem but also for the vitality of your body!


Health issues stemming from damaged, decayed, or missing teeth include:

  • Gum disease
  • Abscesses
  • Sinus  problems
  • Systemic inflammation
  • Cardiovascular issues
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Headaches
  • Jaw and neck pain
Does your smile need some help to look and feel its best? Ask us about how our restorative dentistry can bring your smile back to life!