Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is the basic go-to of the dental world when it comes to cosmetic repairs. But that doesn’t mean that all cosmetic composite bonding is the same! Because composite tooth bonding is shaded, applied, and shaped directly on the tooth, it really does require an exquisitely trained and masterful touch to make it look perfectly natural. Dr. Brandenburg has that, along with hundreds of happy patients and successful cases, under her belt, so you know you are getting artistry you can count on. Even children and teens can benefit from cosmetic composite bonding because of its minimal invasiveness and fast results. Composite bonding is the perfect solution when porcelain veneers aren’t really an option and can repair and perfect all kinds of issues, including:

  • Minor chips
  • Cracks
  • Minimal staining
  • Small gaps
  • Minor breakage
  • Dental unevenness that can’t be solved by tooth recontouring
  • Decay on front teeth
  • Abfractions at the gum line that expose tooth roots

Clearly, composite bonding is the best choice for minor functional, restorative, or cosmetic repairs or aesthetic improvements for younger smiles.