Smile Whitening

Ahhhh… that fragrant cup of coffee that jumpstarts your morning. The complex little Spanish red that compliments a well-deserved evening in front of the fire. Those fresh-picked blueberries from the farmer’s market you sprinkle on your yogurt at lunch. Life’s little pleasures are delicious and make every day feel special — but they can also leave tell-tale signs on your teeth and suddenly your smile is just not up to par. Perhaps it looks a little gray or yellow or maybe just dull? Regardless, these issues are not adding to your sparkle, and that certainly isn’t adding to your quality of life. Good thing you can take charge of your smile with all the cosmetic options available here at the Minneapolis area’s choice for dentistry, including Opalescence smile whitening. Dr. Brandenburg is proud to offer Opalescence as one of the most effective and budget-friendly whitening systems available.

Our in-office tooth-bleaching choice, Opalescence Boost, can whiten your smile up to ten shades in about an hour! If you prefer to whiten on the go, ask us about the Opalescence take-home option. Either way, you will be showing the signs of life’s enjoyment in your smile – not on your teeth!