Comprehensive Exams

Our comprehensive exams are our first introduction to your oral health, so we thoroughly analyze your teeth, gums, mouth, jaw, head, and neck to ensure that we can properly recommend your customized treatment plan. But don’t worry! There is nothing tedious or boring about these initial exams, as patients love them and usually exclaim how much they have learned about their mouths! And now, with the addition of our AI software, patients love seeing up close what is happening in their mouth and understand that catching potential problems such as cavities, periodontal disease, or abnormalities in tooth structure at such an early stage, usually unidentifiable by current technology, is a huge benefit to early intervention. We use these first exams to acquire a baseline from which we can measure all other exams – and they don’t take nearly as long in spite of also being very comprehensive and in-depth. During these exams, we continue our conversations about your health and your needs, gather input and opinion, and then proceed to do everything from measuring your gum pockets and examining your oral tissue for signs of infection, inflammation, injury, or lesions to evaluate each of your teeth, including existing restorations; evaluate your chewing muscles, jaw joints, and how your teeth come together against each other; and check for any changes in the state of your teeth or other oral structures. We may include the use of digital photography, an intra-oral camera exam, and digital x-rays. It all adds up a great opportunity for you to fully understand and take charge of your own dental health while also allowing Dr. Brandenburg to catch any impending problems early, before they become more serious, costly and time-consuming to repair.