Everyone knows how important it is to have regular dental x-rays taken – they allow us to see under the surface of your enamel to check for cavities, decay, and infection; the position of teeth that are still below the gum line such as unerupted wisdom teeth; gum disease; jawbone health; and other dental conditions not detectable in a visual exam.  But did you know that not all dental x-rays are created equally? Here at our Edina dental office, Dr. Brandenburg uses only digital x-rays powered by DEXIS imaging for an industry-leading imaging ecosystem. Our digital x-ray system not only allows us to cut imaging time from approximately 25 minutes to a scant five, it also exposes you to about 70% less radiation than conventional x-rays. In addition, DEXIS allows us to instantly process and view your ultra-clear and sharp images, enhance them for brightness and clarity, enlarge as needed, and archive them digitally for immediate access in your records at future visits.

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