It is easy to take our teeth for granted – until we don’t have them. Missing teeth can absolutely take all of the joy out of life: suddenly eating feels like a chore, speaking sounds and feels strange, and smiling seems completely out of reach. What’s more, missing teeth can have a major impact on your health, leading to gum disease, jaw issues, nutritional deficiencies, and depression. Here’s the good news: Not only is preventive and restorative dentistry from Dr. Heidi Brandenburg helping our Minneapolis friends and neighbors keep their own teeth longer, our dental implant tooth replacements are easing the pain and disappointment of edentulousness with superior tooth replacement options that look, feel, and function almost exactly like natural teeth.

Dr. Brandenburg has been part of an implant-based study club for over 25 years!

Dental implants work so well because instead of replacing teeth with a prosthetic that sits on top of the gums, blocking your palate and requiring sticky adhesives to stay in place, they are attached to a surgically implanted titanium post upon which we will place your tooth replacement. These posts not only hold your beautiful new teeth firmly and securely in place, they also replace your tooth roots, which means that your jawbone stays stimulated, reducing the aging and unhealthy bone loss that so often accompanies denture wear.

For the procedure, we will work together with one of our trusted surgical specialists for the placement of your posts while we create your dental prosthetic. Depending on your needs, we offer everything from single-tooth implants to implant-retained dentures and All-on-4 dentures to bring you, and your smile, back to life!